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Monitor your Google Cloud Platform billing with Data Studio

The facts

Google Cloud Platform is very powerful but you must keep an eye on your running cost. Indeed, even if you can easily create budget alerts on your billing account, it does not mean it avoid any risks with service over-consumption. Since few weeks, you can rely on included console reports but you don’t have an high level of details. For exemple, what is the storage consumption by region or by labels, wich team consumes which services…

To satisfy this need of billing details, you should create your own billing report dashboards.

The Big Query/Data Studio solution

Google provides a billing export feature which automatically loads billing data in a dedicated dataset. In addition, you can use Stackdriver Logging to retrieve specific usage such as Big Query data consumption and stream results in a dedicated dataset.

Schéma technique

Big Query billing dataset: simple & powerful

The table schema is very simple and allows you to find out all billing information such a Compute Engine consumption for exemple.

Table technique

Create your custom reports with Data Studio

You can now create your own dedicated billing dashboard and monitor specific running cost. In addition, you can also use these new dashboards with your cost accounting system.

Graphique technique
Biq query ressource


If you plan to monitor your billing on GCP, you should consider the Data Studio solution. It’s an easy way to prevent and detect any over-consumption through custom dashboards. Moreover, you can share your reports with your team members and make a forecast of your future running cost.

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